In 2018, reedsy placed New Madrid in the top 100 lit mags for writers to showcase their work.

New Madrid ranks among Reedsy's top 100 literary magazines.
If you look closely at the photo, you’ll see a few of our issues! 

Coming Soon: Summer 2018

Thank you to all who submitted work for consideration for our summer 2018 issue. We appreciate your patience as we reviewed more than 1,000 submissions of poetry, fiction, and essays, painstakingly choosing the work that will represent our final issue for the foreseeable future.

Not goodbye—only adieu. 

In 2007, New Madrid debuted as the national journal published by the Murray State University MFA program in creative writing. New Madrid has since grown into a publication with international reach, featuring work from fine authors across the globe. Sadly, a loss of funding has forced us to suspend publication. It pains us to announce that we have no upcoming call for submissions.

New Madrid Winter 2018, “Total Eclipse”
New Madrid Winter 2018, “Total Eclipse”

Our issues have featured the work of established writers, but a major point of pride for us is that New Madrid served also as a showcase for emerging writers. To everyone who sent us us your work over the years, whether or not it found a home in our pages, we applaud you. There is only good to be found in the effort to create something beautiful. Keep it up.

We encourage you to experience the rich and vibrant literature featured in our past issues. For information on how to order copies, visit Contact Us.

To anyone with an active subscription, we apologize for the inconvenience and will reach out to you individually to make alternative arrangements.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

The New Madrid Editors

Ann Neelon

Dale Ray Phillips

Allen Wier

Jacque E. Day