summer 2010


Ann Neelon

Carrie Jerrell
Dale Ray Phillips

Jim Bryant

Jacque E. Day

Christine Bailey
James B. Goode
Jacqueline J. Kohl
Matt Markgraf
A.J. Morgan
Karissa Knox Sorrell
Richard Thomas
Tiffany Turner
Stephen M. Vest

Pamela Miller

Tony Powell

Cover Art, Front and Back
Robert Dafford Murals

Artwork from the Paducah floodwall project, Paducah "Wall to Wall," Portraits from Paducah's Past, provided by the Paducah Convention & Visitors Bureau and reprinted by permission of Robert Dafford.

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction by Ann Neelon

The Typewriter
novel excerpt by Martin Roper

Ten Definitions Approximating Grief poem by Brett Foster

Bridal Cave poem by Brett Foster

Pensacola poem by Brett Foster

The Loving Cup memoir by Christine Hale

Amen and Amen poem by Julie L. Moore

The lion of this March poem by Julie L. Moore

Waiting Room poem by Julie L. Moore

Out of Love Poem poem by Sandra Kohler

To Texas poem by Sandra Kohler

Selves poem by Sandra Kohler

A Flowery Tale story by Beth Lordan

Live Feed poem by Avra Wing

Find Something to Say poem by Avra Wing

Signs and Wonders poem by Avra Wing

The Man in the Old Calendar story by Chigozie John Obioma

Head Games poem by Stephen Gibson

Details from Guido Reni's Slaughter of the Innocents (Vatican Museum) poem by Stephen Gibson

Crossing Sartre's Bridge with Inez and Estelle during the Iraq War poem by Stephen Gibson

Fur poem by Stephen Gibson

Je veux te voir poem by Gina Barnard

Shorba poem by Gina Barnard

Waiting for a Call to Prayer poem by Gina Barnard

Boot Camp Discharge poem by Gina Barnard

Domestic Scene poem by Gina Barnard

The Beginning of Peace poem by Gina Barnard

What You Would Give
memoir by Michael Copperman

The Unknown World poem by John Kay

Dead Man Walking poem by John Kay

The Essentials of Western Civilization novel excerpt by Ed McClanahan

The Roar the Day After poem by Anne Haines

Carne: Five Ways
memoir by Melissa Scholes Young

The Fool Tree poem by William Trowbridge

The Incredible Shrinking Fool poem by William Trowbridge

Meat and 3 Veg essay by Michael Cohen

The Winter Saint poem by Sandy Longhorn

In the Winter Garden poem by Sandy Longhorn

Having Been Entrusted With Safekeeping poem by Sandy Longhorn

Crouching in the Body's Dusty Ruins poem by Sandy Longhorn

The Consolation of Wind poem by Todd Davis

Vigil poem by Todd Davis

Crash Zoom story by Angela Delarmente

Book Reviews

Today I Wrote Nothing: The Selected Writings of Daniil Kharms
translated from the Russian by Matvei Yankelevich
reviewed by A.J. Morgan

by Laurie Halse Anderson
reviewed by Christine Bailey

Beg, Borrow, Steal: A Writer's Life
by Michael Greenberg
reviewed by Jacqueline J. Kohl

Five Kingdoms
by Kelle Groom
reviewed by Karissa Knox Sorrell

Camden Blues
by Joe Anthony
reviewed by James B. Goode

Girl Trouble
by Holly Goddard Jones
reviewed by Richard Thomas

by Scott Westerfeld
reviewed by Matt Markgraf

Contributors' Notes


About the Artist: Robert Dafford