winter 2010


Ann Neelon

Squire Babcock
Dale Ray Phillips

Jim Bryant

Jacque E. Day

Lacey Bard
Amanda C. Grossman
Rachel Rinehart Johnson
Will W. Miller
Sara Pridmore

Pamela Miller

Tony Powell

Cover Photography, Front and Back
Richard R. Sitler

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction by Ann Neelon

Silence and Dreams poem by Michael Campagnoli

The City poem by Michael Campagnoli

The Chosen poem by Michael Campagnoli

The Real Estate Renaissance memoir by Re'Lynn Hansen

Black Pansies poem by Karen Holmberg

Garnet, the Poor Man's Ruby poem by Karen Holmberg

Faces of a Tycoon story by Murzban F. Shroff

AM-FM poem by Doug Cox

Back Taxes poem by Doug Cox

Going for Broke: An Alphabet of (No) Money memoir by Lorri McDole

The Age of Generosity poem by Sarah Grieve

Juba story by Rion Amilcar Scott

Broken Clouds poem by Mercedes Lawry

Empathy poem by Mercedes Lawry

Parallel Living poem by Mercedes Lawry

A Primer poem by Mercedes Lawry

All the Baboons Had Gone Away poem by Mercedes Lawry

The Anarchist (from Jarina and Pavel) novel excerpt by Bev Jafek

Sangre Frio poem by Anthony Robbins

La Novia story by Lou Mathews

When Darkness Fell poem by Dan Stryk

Meditation At a Farmers Market Rousing on a Muggy Summer Morning poem by Dan Stryk

Voices Through the Walls poem by Dan Stryk

Robber's Hand poem by Dan Stryk

Sustainable Aid memoir by John Teschner

Royal Highlander Trailer Park poem by Elizabeth Klise von Zerneck

The Leisure Class poem by Robert Avery

Foreclosure poem by Christopher Ankney

The Best Peaches Came From an Old Black Woman Who Hated My Mother poem by Christopher Ankney

A Golden Noumenon poem by Sigman Byrd

Waiting for the Perseids poem by Sigman Byrd

Steps story by Andrey Dmitriev
translation by Henry Whittlesey

Life and Work of Andrey Viktorovich Dmitriev

Ivan in Pitavino: Translator's Notes on Andrey Dmitriev and His Aesthetic by Henry Whittlesey

Visiting a Tlingit Oil Skimmer at the Peabody poem by Scott Woodham

Sweetest poem by Elizabeth Levitski

Book Reviews

Please by Jericho Brown
reviewed by Will W. Miller

The Death of Jayson Porter
by Jaime Adoff
reviewed by Amanda C. Grossman

The Big Beautiful
by Pamela Duncan
reviewed by Sara Pridmore

Johannes Cabal the Necromancer
by Jonathan L. Howard
reviewed by Lacey Bard

Fearless Confessions: A Writer's Guide to Memoir
by Sue William Silverman
reviewed by Rachel Rinehart Johnson

Contributors' Notes

Artist's Statement
by Richard R. Sitler